ArsMusica's mandate consists of four basic elements: Performers, Production Team, Repertoire, and Audience.


ArsMusica will provide musicians and singers of Black and other ethnocultural ancestry with professional performance opportunities. ArsMusica will bring together both Black Canadian and international artists of culturally diverse backgrounds.

Production Team

ArsMusica will provide  Black and visible minority directors, composers, conductors, designers, choreographers, and dancers, with the opportunity to work within the realm of concerts and professional opera. ArsMusica will also seek to engage the services of established Black opera professionals (directors, composers, conductors, and additional artists) from diverse cultural backgrounds to work with the company in training, mentorship and production capacities.


ArsMusica will endeavor to commission and partner in the creation of new music and opera works- particularly works that represent a unique  Black Canadian or ethnocultural experience and history. ArsMusica will also partner in the creation of new productions of standard concert and opera repertoire using visually and culturally diverse cast members.


ArsMusica plans to grow and enhance its music opera audience in Canada, and internationally by presenting and commissioning concert works, and opera productions and performances from an alternative cultural perspective and experience. This includes performing live concerts and opera in underserved urban and rural communities.