Joshua Glover Opera

Joshua Glover was a Missouri slave who sought asylum in Racine Wisconsin in 1854. His former slavemaster came to Wisconsin with federal marshals and had Glover arrested and jailed under the federal Fugitive Slave Act. Abolitionists led by Sherman Booth, came from all around southeastern Wisconsin, surrounded the jail, broke down its doors, and got Glover safely to Canada.

Once in Canada, Joshua Glover married twice and lived a relatively quiet life as a farmer and labourer. Sherman Booth, was arrested for breaking the Fugitive Slave Act and spent many years fighting the federal government in court. Booth went on to become one of the founders of the Republican party with Abraham Lincoln. 

Composer Colin Mendez Morris and ArsMusica are producing an opera based on the life of Joshua Glover. The new opera will bring together music, drama, and a trove of local history.  A 4 scene chamber opera version was performed at  Montgomery’s Inn Museum in October and November 2018.

A full, 3 act version of the opera is planned for fall 2021 involving production partners from Canada, the USA, and the UK..